Cold Laser Therapy for Dogs

To celebrate Morgan’s 12th birthday here in a couple weeks, I decided she deserves a thorough tune-up. Among her current repertoire of age-defying secrets are monthly Adequan shots, monthly chiropractic adjustments, supplements of Fish Oil and Joint Mobility complex (Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Yucca Root) with Sam-E & Milk Thistle for her liver…and now bring on the Cold Laser Therapy!

She is retired from competition now and her rear end is starting to really show her age.  Up front she is strong and sharp, but that back end is just not keeping up.  We went on a hike last weekend in Colorado and had to turn back after about 10 minutes because she was just too weak to continue further.  Yeah I know, she’s a Great Dane, so I should feel blessed that she made it past 10 years old, but come on – this is MORGAN!!!

Morgan is now getting daily treatments with the Cutting Edge Laser Technologies M1 Therapy Laser.  It is a $30K piece of equipment that generally costs about $50 per treatment (but Morgan’s got “connections” so it’s not really costing us that!).

“The most common MLS Therapy indications are pain relief, intervertebral disc disease, degenerative joint disease, arthritic conditions, muscular/skeletal system trauma, and inflammatory conditions.  Results can often been seen after the first treatment.  Most conditions have protocols that range from 6-10 treatments. The treatments are cumulative and are delivered 2-3 times per week for 2-3 weeks.”

We started the treatments on Tuesday, May 3.  She is getting about 15-30 minutes of the laser therapy targeting her hips, spine, and feet/ankle joints in each session.  She is also swimming daily, doing 5-10 laps around the pool…and then a little “frisking” around the yard afterward.

Morgan Las Vegas Hike

Today (May 6) – Day 4

We went for a 30-minute easy hike this morning and she looked pretty good, she was not stumbling with her back feet on rocks and uneven surfaces like she did a few times on the hike in Colorado a week ago.  Her back left foot was tweaked out a little like it always does when she’s tired.  Her muscles didn’t seem to be the issue, actually she was more out of breath then fatigued from muscles.  She also jumped up into the van and onto her seat very easily at the end of the walk.  When we got home I fed her and did a short laser treatment on her rear muscles which I’m assuming will help with the healing and muscle re-building after exercise.

I am more interested to see if she starts trotting and running again on these hikes like she used to do.  About a year ago when she was out hiking in Farmington, New Mexico she slowed down to only walking on the hikes.  Then we did 4 days of laser therapy on her and the next time she went hiking she was in a run or trot the whole time.  I could tell it really made a huge difference! Today’s hike was just her alone, so she’s less likely to run, but next time we go out I’ll bring some of the other dogs to see if she gets frisky with them.

I’ll have to take a video of her later today to record her gait and movement at this point early in the treatment, and then it will be interesting to see how she progresses over the next couple weeks.  I’ll be updating this blog with more details.

Afternoon Update

In the afternoon Morgan had a little romp in the yard and some swimming, here’s a video to record her condition, early on in the treatment.  A little wobble here and there, but frankly, I think she looks fabulous already!

Morgan did not get a full laser treatment in the evening, as we had a late Flyball practice.  Her next treatment will be on Saturday afternoon, and then we’re planning a hike on Sunday to see if she has any improvement by then.

2012 Update! Follow Keri’s dogs with The Canine Stars, or on Facebook at CanineStars.  All of The Canine Stars are treated with cold laser therapy whenever possible, and are currently under supervision through Animal Care Clinic in Princeton, Illinois with Dr. Lynette VandeVenter.  Animal Care Clinic offers cold laser therapy at their facility.

3 Responses

  1. Theresa

    Morgan is such an inspiration to all Great Dane’s especially competition Great Danes. :) This therapy sounds amazing. She is lucky to have such a great owner that does all these things to keep her comfortable so she can still enjoy life and able to boss the other dogs around. :)

    Can’t believe she is going to be 12! :) Yay Morgan!!!!

    05/06/2011 at 4:37 pm

  2. jim

    im interested to know how the rest of the therapy went and if you saw improvment enough to continue. thanks

    10/12/2011 at 7:26 pm

  3. Sandra

    I, too, would like to know how the cold laser worked for Morgan. My 11 year old dane is on day two of Rimadyl and I want to stop it.

    04/10/2013 at 12:22 am

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